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daniel ishay |
To eli, hello! My name is Daniel and I from Israel. I do not cease to follow all your projects. Everything simply amazing! yeshiva Bois, the chevra, menucha, and your disks. Wait for impatiently to the new disks and also that we prioritized your websites.
By the way, will deliver greetings to Yakov Mordechai! He is the most cute boy in the world. I wish that will come to Israel!
05.3.2008 - netanya. israel

i really enjoy ybc and the chevra!your music is great.are you coming out with a new chevra or ybc cd?thanx for your great music.hatzlacha
04.30.2008 - brooklyn

when is the next cd or dvd coming out?
I think mbc is coming out with one pretty soon. ybc is great i love all your productions. keep up your great work.

ybc is great!!!!when will ybc come out with a new tape or dvd?keep up your great work!!
04.25.2008 - boro park

Meir Asher |
You are simply put, a music genius! I have at least one album from all of your projects except for YBC. I heard your son is coming out with his own album? Mazel tov if that is true. Are you or any of your groups coming to Colorado ever?
04.25.2008 - Colorado

boro park
ybc is great when will the next ybc cd or dvd come out?i hope soon!!!!

a huge fan
when is the next ybc coming out???

Chaim Kalinkovitsky |
please send me all the YBC sheet music you have, they sound great!-specifically YBC3. Thanks!!!

kati |
keep up the music!!!
03.23.2008 - klausenburg

i love all your music and concerts. PLEASE SEND ME ALL THE YBC SHEET MUSIC U HAVE (ESPECIALLY YBC 3)
03.17.2008 - BROOKLYN

a fan in england
eli YBc live2 recks
come and do one in manchester!

fan |
Eli your concerts and albums are amazing. That is all we ever hear sung in this house. YBC Live 2 was amazing. Can I have some the sheet music for some of the YBC songs. I would really love to play them on the piano.

Yossi Baum |
why dont you have a chassidishe group just like their is shira and mezamrim
02.13.2008 - boro park

02.10.2008 - BUENOS AIRES

me |
I personally think that danny should sing lullabyes; he's that good. you know, the menucha guy who's tall with a low voice.
02.3.2008 - IL

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