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#1 fan |
Hey Eli!!! YBC 4 iz da BESTEST EVER!!! I LUV it!!! Mizmor shir reImix iz adorable! And the music video ah aha ah iz heaven!!!!! Yivonim iz soo cool! And those were the nights iz realy cute!! But my favorite song iz daddy come home! Itz seriously outa this world!!! I waz soo disapointed that u use the recording of YBC 5 for that song! I wanted it to b like it iz on the ybc live cd. With yaakov mordechai's voice how it iz now!!! Newayz Eli, ur duin an AMAIZING job!!! I LUV all ur music and songs! Their all gr8! Keep it up!!! When iz ybc 6 coming out???

Ephraim Travis |
Hi Eli. I am currently deployed. For quite some time my daughters have telling me about "Daddy Come Home." My oldest loves the song and likes to sing it as well. My second likes the song but it brings her to tears. I finally heard it tonight as I think about them from half way around the world. Now I understand the conflicting thoughts and feelings my Girls share. Your song brought me to tears. I have no idea what your impetus/motivation was for writing the song but you really did a wonderful job. Yasher Koach.
10.17.2011 - Al Asad Airbase IRAQ

#1 fan
Dear eli, thanx 4 bringing constant simcha 2 klal yisroel with ur amaizing koach hakodosh baruch hu gave u!!! Ad meiya v'esrim shana!! Iyh! Ur songs r realy uplifting_with the feeling u put n2 it when u sing and r realy gorgeous!! Ur super duper AMAIZIN!!! Yasher koach!!!

eli's #1 fan |
Thank you so much 4 your wonderful music!! Your REALY AMAIZING!!! I luv all your songs.but especially "daddy come home". That was outa this world!! Keep up your AMAIZING work!!! :)

D K Lord |
Your music is great! When are you coming to Oklahoma?
01.14.2011 - OKC

hi i love your concerts! cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your song "Daddy come home" is really something else. The lyrics, the melody . just wow.
Keep producing such amazing stuff!

Hadar Wercberger |
My friend and I are doing a project on you for school, and we would like to know in which city you were born. Thank you.
10.12.2010 - Thornhill, Canada

Eli & Yaakov mordichai's BIGGEST Fan |
i rly njoy ur music soo much!! u both hav amazing voices!!! especaly Yaakov mordichai!!! thank u sooo much! im w8ing 4 the nxd ybc 2 come out! ur rly the very BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shlomo |
Awesome arrangement's on Menucha 2!
Big Fan!!
05.3.2010 - Queens

Jewish Heritage Choir (JHC) |
Hey Eli, thanks for spending Shabbos with us over Pesach, and for the concert in Lancaster.

-Send Yaakov and Moishe my Best!
04.23.2010 - Queens

RuchyA |
Yaakov Mordchai; when will u post again? we miss u in guest book.
04.9.2010 - Monroe

Edward |
hellow Mr.Eli i have one quetion to ask with all my heart could you sometime some day come to my school and school's name is Northwest Middle School(Northwest Jr.High School)pleassse thats all :) GodBless Mr.Gerstner
03.2.2010 - PA

ketziah |
Dear Mr.Gerstner i have 1 qeustion nd itz wat r da names of da 3 boys singing in da song In A Song.nd YBC keep up da GREAT WORK.GODBLESS:D
02.14.2010 - READING/PA

Were doing a report on you for a high school music class, we want to know if you do a lot of traveling?

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