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Chevra 3 rocks!!

Eli your concerts, albums.are amazing i love them. You're the best!!! One problem where was your little brother by the sesame concert? i missed him. Hes going in your footsteps

Yisroel Bass
Hi eli ,
Your music has really inspired my little brother who finds academic subjects at school hard.he learnt to play the piano and has since set up a band playing your music.

Shua Mendlowitz |
Dear Eli,
Thank you for calling me last night! I would like to keep in touch with you
Sincerely, Shua Mendlowitz

yitzy meshulom
when are the YBC coming to yerushalaim??
11.14.2006 - eretz yisroel

yankele greenburg
hi eli remember me??????
11.14.2006 - eretz yisroel

Your music is amazing! It has just inspired me throughout my life so far. I have grown from this inspiration of your music; and I will, Emiretz Hashem, continue to grow from this. Hashem should bless you to keep up your wonderful, amazing, outstanding, and inspiring music up!!!
11.14.2006 - San Diego, California

I like YBC and all the music you make!
11.12.2006 - Brooklyn

Motty and Yisroel Bloom |
nice site eli!
they play your songs in our yeshiva the whole time !
11.10.2006 - Netherlands

A Fan
YOUR Music Rocks

another YBC lover
UPDATE: The Chevra 3 due out any day now!! Looking 4ward!!

eli rocks!!!
11.7.2006 - israel

Deby |
your music so great- cant stop listening to it.
All your projects are amazing!
Thanks for makeing great music that we can enjoy!
p.s- please come to israel for a show (with menucha and ybc), please please please!!!
11.7.2006 - Eretz Hakodesh.

twas fab
Eli, came to usa for succoss, was at sesame place on chol hamoed, n boy-it was gr8, the boys were so cute!! Always loved your productions, now got 2c it in real!! but hey, when you coming to perform in England?!?! were waiting.THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR FAB MUSIC!!
10.29.2006 - London

the satmar roov's son
eli, u are a very special person.
ur productions are so eidel and menchlech. dovid nachman is so chassidish and frim, my parents only let me listen to the chevra and all your other productions bc they are the only ones which are really yidishe music. all the other so called 'jewish music' is very goyshe, and is totaly pas nisht.
10.24.2006 - stamford hill

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