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#1 Fan of Eli, Yaakov Mordechai, YBC & the new Chevra |
Hey Eli!!! CHEVRA CHI IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Its such a beutiful CD! My favorite songs are ki yitzpaneini, Im A Jew & Chai! Ki yitzpaneini is such a beutiful song! (Yaakov Mordechai sounds soo diff! but still has a gorgous voice bli ayin hara) I LUV it!!! im a jew is the BESTEST SONG EVER!!! We play it again & again & again NONSTOP! WE LUV THE MUSIC!!!!! & the song is inspiring! Chai is the best song! We luv the music too!!! Peace is a gr8 song. Eli thank you for producing such amaizing stuff!!!! Cant w8 for the next YBC album to come out! Looking foward :) Btw thank you for putting Ad Olam on the chevra cd! We were watching the music video over & over again! Now we can finally play it as a song! Eli keep doing what you do! Your amaizing!!!!!! P.S WE MISS YAAKOV MORDECHAI :(
09.1.2013 - Brooklyn

sem girl
I have a roommate who unfortunately lost her father. She doesn't stop listening to 'Daddy come home'. Whilst this may be creepy for me, i think its very theraputic for her. thanks!
Aside from that - i love all your work well done!
06.13.2013 - SEM

go Chevra!!
I saw the cover for the new CHEVRA CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo excited i can hardly keep still! Yaakov mordechai's on it! Im so excited! and so is ad olam. I cant wait to here Chai!! THANK YOU THANK YOu THANK YOU!!! I am so excited!
06.2.2013 - EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

#1 fan of ybc!!!!!
Ad olam iz AWESOME!!!!!!!! Eli ur AMAIZING!!!!! Thank you for yoir beutiful inspiring gorgous music! I listen to it seriously day & night!!!!! We want yaakov mordechai to come back! Thank u again!!! Yasher koach eli!!!!!!!!!

go azriel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the concert was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u soooooooo much! i was soooooo excited to see the chevra sing! and ofcourse, DJ WARTELSKY!! you did an amazing job. Thanks sooooo much!!
04.8.2013 - somewhere

The pesach concert rocked especially Baruch habah
Nachas note: your brother really rocked it up keep shepping!

when is the new album coming out already?!! I know ur hard at work, but it's such a long wait!
03.4.2013 - anywhere

eli! eli! eli!
we love eli! YBC, The CHevra, it's amazing! thanks! (BTW we want more AZRIEL!!)

crazy fan
we want ym gerstner to comeback!!!

want a concert! We want a concert! We want a concert! WE WANT A CONCERT!
02.12.2013 - everywhere

is anyone looking at this guestbook anymore? there is only one recent post!
02.12.2013 - please put this up!

when are the new chevra cd's gonna come out?
02.12.2013 - United states of America

yaacov king |
02.4.2013 - passaic NJ

Raphael |
Menucha is my favorite musical goup in the whole world! Thank you very much for all of your hard work!Their music gives me energy, picks me up, and pretty much makes my day! Please keep them coming! Your music have touched my heart in a way you cannot imagine. Thank you very much!!!!!!
09.4.2012 - Israel

Mushka |
Eli Gerstner your Amein Amein song is an awesome accomplishment and a remarkably beautiful piece. Yasher Koach. Zai gebentsht.
05.1.2012 - Brooklyn

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