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02.13.2007 - WASHINGTON

yikes!! |
ur music is addictive!! When is menucha maken a 2ed album?? Its my favorit! Also whens menuchas official site being ready??
02.12.2007 - NJ

Jonathan Fox |
Hi Eli, YBC and Menucha
Got the DVDs for our kids but I cannot stop watching them. You are all so inspirational and talented.

Keep up the music

Jonathan Fox
01.31.2007 - Johannesburg South Africa

Barbara Kagna |
Love the Yeshiva Choir. very inspirational. Will you ever "go on tour" and hit Florida? I teach here and know attending a concert would be a huge thrill for me and many others! - Basha
01.2.2007 - Dania Beach, Florida

eli, u are a very special person.
ur productions are so eidel and menchlech. dovid nachman is so chassidish and frim, my parents only let me listen to the chevra and all your other productions bc they are the only ones which are really yidishe music. all the other so called 'jewish music' is very goyshe, and is totaly pas nisht.
01.2.2007 - stamford hill

dear eli your music is sooooooooooo awsome!!! me and your sis batsheva are best friends shes the cutest and soo ooomuch fun to be with !! hatzlocha

Keep it coming! My bro.'s lock me outa my house, ur cd's playing ahole day!!!
12.18.2006 - Texas

hey eli your music is great!!!
and yaakov mordechai is the cutest! send regards to your sis batsheva!!

another YBC lover
Whats the name of the third soloist on Kol Hashem? Is it Z. Adler, if so he sounds muuuch older. Waitin for comments/reviews on Chevra 3 and the concert in queens college on Dec. 9th

eli you arejust the best!!!!

fan # 2,000,000,000. | gerstner/
wsap everybody just signing in to say that gerstners music is from the best of the jewish music that i listen to keep it coming
p.s. when are you coming to khazakstan 4 a concert
you have lot of fans out here my good friend borat he like your music very much we play in skool all day your music, you like? please please please come to khazakstan and bring ybc chevra menucha ym and of course your self and you will sell out. all my friends and i mean the whole of khazak will be there i promise and ill be in the front signing off i gota get my daily dosage of ybc live. later. now really keep the music coming so i have something jewish to listen to that i like thanx
12.4.2006 - khazakstan

Ari mendelsohn
B"H for many more years to come.

11.27.2006 - passaic nj

YBC lover
Hey- havent been on in a while, but i do check the messages the whole time. its rilly cool about chevra 3- i wanna hear it, keep working eli. im waiting for a new ybc cd or dvd!
11.19.2006 - obvious

Hi Eli!
Just to tell you that I think your music is absolutely great!!! The best one of all is TEKNOY!! I love it, It's on all the time here!!I haven't gotten Chevra 3 yet but I sure will soon enough!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful work. Ps. give your brother regards from London and tell him he's great (and sooo adorable!)He's made his fans already!!

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