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yitzchok friedman
i like ybc 1 & 3

the concert in toronto rocked the house, we want you back this time with the chevra not just YBC
05.18.2007 - toronto

adonh olamim on ybc 3 rocks!
you dudes gottta here it.
especially the solo by elbogen
05.16.2007 - torontoooo

yitzchok f
ybclive3yosis sung by lipa s ybc and teknoy
04.13.2007 - new york

Rivka |
Thanks so much for all the amazing music you make, i just luvvvvvvv it! Please can you come to Montreal for a concert?
04.11.2007 - Montreal

Menachem mendal cohen
I love your music!
04.10.2007 - Israel

tzuriel |
hi!i love ur songs and i was just listening to ybc live and i heard there is a nother 1 on pasach and i was thinkink about a concert and there r never concerts in israel(i live there) i just wana ask u to think about israelies that wana listen to ur music!!!ur gr8!!!!
04.1.2007 - israel

I can't wait for the chol hamoed,pesach concert! Hope you come out with many more albums!! The first time I listened to YBC3 I got the tune and words right away.Keep up your great work!!!!

Big fan of YBC |
Hey eli, I'm a musician I play more than a few instruments. Anyway I love your music especially the new YBC 3. Is it possible I could get the sheet music from the new album? If so ill give u my E-mail. Thanks a million my band depends on it!!
03.26.2007 - New York/ Cleveland

Shana |
I loooved the Dec.9 concert in queens!!! It was very cool, and i met my idol, Y.L.Saks!!! YBC3 sounds cute eli, ur brother and cuzin are adorable!
03.22.2007 - NY!!

hey eli ur a fab guy and love ur music havent heard that kind of music b4 and wow i listen to it non stop day and night !!!!!
anyway seeing that im a big fan
with the help of my sister i have made a blog (accualy we made) and its all about u and ur ''inventions'' (the groups)lol
so check it out if ya not too busy
and everyone is welcome to see it , its FREE!!!!!!!
fans from england
please leave a comment , read from the bottom first, and most of all NJOY UR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!

YM was in israel

riki |
Hey Eli!!!!! i love your music!!!! whens the next one coming out?????
BTW i have a question. i went to sesame on chol hamoed (i know it was a while ago) and i didnt see your cute little brother. y'know we go wild over him cuz hes following your footsteps of course. where was he anyways?? i missed him!!! keep up!!! i love your music, choirs, groups,composition .everything that makes up Eli Gestner!! write back!!
02.27.2007 - brooklyn

msg baby i'm pumped up you know it & queens college even better
02.25.2007 - lawrence

shlomo ulman
evem though im 4 and 3/4 i like you so much (my bro is helping me wright this)i copy my older brother use the sterio so i put it on when i are aloud to put it on!

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