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Agents @ EG Productions |
So All you fans getting engaged I assume know about the YOSIS orchestra, You know Eli's Simcha Band, seen at wedding all over the east coast, well if you dont give us a call @ 718-853-9403 and ask how to get through to Zevi

Mazal Tov From:
EG Productions
07.30.2007 - New York

Big EG fan!
Your music is totally amazing! I have all the cd's of EG productions! They're great!
07.29.2007 - Toronto

your music is amazing
you are doing a wonderful jub and a big kidush hashem with your music and projects!
alot of appreciation
07.1.2007 - Israel

mordechai and kobi hadad
you rock dude!
06.26.2007 - israel

Eli: you're the best!! Thanks so much for all the amazing music you make!!
When you coming to Buenos Aires for a Concerto??
06.24.2007 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rivka Rozen |
nu, when are you coming to LOndon for a Concerto???? you need any help, i am willing. thank you for the amazing music!!!!
06.13.2007 - London

When is YBC LIVE! 2 coming out? Are there any new things that you are working on? YBC rocks!

eeta travis |
My kids love the Yeshiva Boys Choir DVD. Is the YBC LIVE#2 on the market yet? We'd love to purchase it for our next roadtrip coming up soon. Thanks so much for entertaining my children with Jewish music!
06.10.2007 - Savannah, GA

heard menucha 2 'scoming september, hopin' it'll be as good as its predecessoerrrrr!!
06.5.2007 - torontoooo

ybc boy |
i love all the soloists on ybc3 especially tani martin.

Kobi Katz
when are you guys coming to london?
05.30.2007 - London,England

hopin you guys at the ybc had a 'geshmake' Shvuos, but yom tovs over and so is the sefirah so get back to work and make your fans proud!
gut shabbos!
05.25.2007 - loooooooondon

YBC Promotions |
Response to "#1fan!!". You can e-mail with any purchases or questions you have. Thanks for being one of our MANY #1FANS!!!!
05.20.2007 - EG Productions

i was at the concert in toronto (it was awsome!) and bought a few of the ybc t-shirts. i wanted to know where i can get more shirts and the other things you threw into the crowd!!
05.20.2007 - toronto

the friedmans in new york | yitzchokfriedman@AOL.COM
i want you to do another tek noy
05.20.2007 - new york

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