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Esty |
The circus was great! The boys were superb! Yaakov Mordechai was AWESOME! Great job everyone! Gut Moed!
10.20.2016 - Brooklyn NY

Esty |
The concert was great! Ym u were standing right next to me in the lobby & i sat really close to the stage) u were awesome ym! Great job everyone! A gut moed! P.s. I'd like to get updates, i thank u in advance. (Ym can u pls email me? Tnx.)
04.26.2016 - Brooklyn

Michoel Goldman |
Hey. Short and sweet wuestion. On which site can I purchase ybc 6 and it will download straight into my phone? I've been looking everywhere.
04.2.2016 - Crown heights

Looking forward to the upcoming concert! (& ybc album!)
03.28.2016 - Brooklyn ny

The concert was GREAT!!! Yaakov Mordechai was AMAZING!!! YMG, you were awesome, great job!!! Eli, good job!!
Hatzlacha on upcoming albums, concerts; etc.
P.S. I was at ur concert Pesach, it was great so I just had to come back.
You were all awesome!!!
- YBC, YMG greatest fan!!
Chag Sameach!
09.30.2015 - Brooklyn , NY

The concert last night was AWESOME!!! The boys were terrific! Thanks for featuring Yaakov Mordechai. He was SUPERB!!! Great job Eli! Thumbs Up!!!!
04.7.2015 - Brooklyn, NY

I can hardly wait for the concert!! I purchased tickets last week. I'm sooo excited! Looking forward. Good Luck!
03.31.2015 - Brooklyn, NY

YBC is great! Yaakov Mordechai is
awesome! I really hope that he's gonna be featured at the next YBC concert!.
02.9.2015 - Brooklyn, NY

When is YBC LIVE 5 DVD coming out? It's after Chanukah already?????
12.28.2014 - Brooklyn ny

ybc fan
When is the ybc live 5 dvd coming out its 2 days before chanukah?? Can u pls make a ki avi music video before all the soloists leave. GO YITZY WALDMAN!
12.14.2014 - Brooklyn

Ita |
I'm not a fan of Jewish music in general, but I must commend you on the DVD-Yeshiva Boys Choir Live 4. Not only does the music composition portray much talent, but the production of the concert and video is quite entertaining as well. My 2 boys watch it over and over again and it fills our home with warmth. (PS. may you have much nachas from Yaakov Mordechai!)
03.12.2014 - Brooklyn, NY

A big fan
Eli, you are my inspiration!! Keep doing what are you doing, and PLEEEASE! We waiting for you, The YBC, The Chevra and YMG in Russia!:)
01.8.2014 - Russia

Chai is not Stam awesome!!!!!!! It's the only thing I listen to!!!!!! NOT funny!!!!!!
10.15.2013 - Boro park

#1 fan
Chevra chai rox!!!!!!
09.21.2013 - brooklyn

#1 fan
WE LOVE YBC!!!!!!!!
09.7.2013 - brooklyn

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