Eli Gerstner needs no introduction as his name is synonymous with excellence & innovation in contemporary Jewish music. Having picked up his first drumstick at the tender age of five, he was playing the piano by age ten and composing his first songs at the age of fifteen. Eli's meteoric rise in the world of Jewish music quickly followed. His first solo album, Hinei, was released in 1999 to rave reviews. Yosis, Eli’s second solo album, which was also the first album he produced, was released in 2001.

Following the success of his two solo albums, Eli began to perform live, both on-

stage in concerts and for private events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and organizational dinners. He then saw the need to create a production company to handle the ever- increasing demand for his expansive musical talents. EG Productions was formed in 2001 and now Eli & his team are continuously hard at work producing the many projects that he is involved in.

In the fall of 2001, Eli boldly made history with the creation of the ensemble group, “The Chevra”, and with the production of their first album. With their unique blend of inspiring Hebrew words set to "catchy" rhythms & tunes—along with a distinctive combination of voice synthesizers, varied beats & electric guitars to give the music a rock/pop edge—the Chevra instantly catapulted to fame and became the hottest group on the Jewish music scene, attracting fans of all ages and from all walks of life. The title track, “Yehei”, became an immediate smash hit the world over, branding it as the Chevra’s “trademark” song. Building on the stunning success of that first album, Eli and the Chevra have subsequently released Eli Gerstner & The Chevra A Capella with the music of R’ Shlomo Carlbach and Chevra2 & Chevra3, featuring the respective hits, “L’Cha” & “Chizku”. The Chevra currently travels the world performing their unique repertoire, and are presently working on their fourth album slated for release later this year.

Never one to shy away from challenges, Eli continued to pursue new avenues to express his exceptional musical creativity. His third solo chart-topping album, V’Ishey Yisrael, was released in August of 2002, all while Eli was diligently working on the next sensations to arrive on the Jewish music scene. One of those sensations was, “Menucha”, another ensemble group of young men though with a different flavor than the Chevra. “Menucha” means contentment in Hebrew and with their sweet sound and distinctive harmonious melodies, that’s exactly what they bring to their listener. Their first album of the same name was released on January 1, 2003 and now they—after a banner year filled with sold-out concert performances around the country—are eagerly & excitedly anticipating the imminent long-awaited release of their second album, Menucha2—Sh’ma Yisrael.

Another one of those sensations was just around the corner. Despite tremendous success with his solo albums, and the groups “Chevra” and“Menucha”, forming a boys’ choir was a project that Eli Gerstner wanted to undertake for many years. In 2003, Eli partnered with his close friend, Yossi Newman, to create Yeshiva Boys Choir. YBC instantly catapulted to fame and popularity with hits like “Kol Ha’Mispallel” and “Adon Olam” on their first self-titled album. With amazing musical compositions, engaging performances, and creative choreography as their trademark, they quickly became the most sought after boys’ choir in the nation. April 2005 saw the release of Yeshiva Boys Choir 2, and the title track, “V’Ohavta” immediately became a fan favorite. After much anticipation and with great excitement, Yeshiva Boys Choir 3 was released in March, 2007. It’s no surprise that its title track, “Shabichi”, topped the charts without delay. YBC 3 also included the Choir’s first English track, “In a Song”, which has earned rave reviews and touched the hearts of fans all over the world as it is dedicated to the residents of Gush Katif. Eli capitalized on the phenomenal popularity of YBC—along with taking his artistic & imaginative flair to a new level-- with the production of two DVDs, YBC Live! And YBC Live! 2. YBC Live! 3 was just recorded this past Chol Ha’Moed Pesach and is set to be released on Chanukah while—much to the delight of fans young & old-- YBC4 will hit the shelves in just a few short months!

During this time, Eli expanded EG Productions into a full service music company. He formed The Yosis Orchestra, which, too, released an album in 2004. In addition to routinely accompanying EG Productions’ vocal ensembles for performances in the greater New York City area, Simchos are the Yosis Orchestra’s specialty! Adept at a wide variety of music—including Yeshivish, Chassidishe, Israeli and Sefardi-- and conducted by Eli Gerstner himself, no special occasion is complete without the unbeatable sound of the Yosis Orchestra & Singers.

In late 2005, Eli released another new project, “Tek-Noy”. The Tek-Noy album is distinctive as the group’s name: “Tek-Noy” is the Yeshivish version of the word “techno.” Eli charted new territory by skillfully & successfully merging the excitement of “techno” music with the ideals and standards of the Yeshiva world. Working with electronic music afforded Eli a new challenge of working with ten to twenty thousand sound possibilities and combinations that cannot be achieved with acoustic music.

Eli’s latest release, in September 2008, was Melech a solo album from a brand new recording artist, Dovid Stein. With a voice that is at the same time both strong and sweet and that adeptly performs a varied blend of inventive Eli Gerstner compositions, Dovid immediately—following in the footsteps of all of his EG Productions predecessors—became a fan favorite and tracks from this album, most notably “Hashem Yimloch” and the title track, “Melech”, became instantaneous hits.

When not performing in Israel, England, Canada, Mexico or Australia —and of course in many other locations across the United States-- Eli, his wife Chani, and their sons Yaakov and Moishe, make their home in Brooklyn, New York.

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